Sometimes, I get so focused on where I’m headed that I forget where I am.

I’m in a good place. Tonight, at the Demolition Derby, surrounded by cigarette smoke and nachos and babies and lots of hellos and how are y’all doin’, I found myself so exceedingly thankful. Thankful to live in a place where someone says a heartfelt prayer over a loudspeaker before a bunch of boys run into each other in beat-up cars. Thankful to be hanging out with my dad, eating chick-fil-a and walking with my arm linked safely in his we made the trek to the fairgrounds.


I’m thankful to live in a place where people  still seem to respect each other and the constitution. A place where small businesses matter and family matters and being together matters. I’m thankful for a job with a whole bunch of people that I don’t call coworkers near as often as I call them friends. I’m thankful for the kids I babysit and the opportunities they give me to learn about caring for children well, especially as I dream of the family I’ll one day have.


I get so focused on what’s next that I forget what’s right here in front of me. It’s a good life. It was a good Tuesday.

Where are you? Are you thankful to be there?


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