I Was Wrong

imageThere’s a sentence I  keep finding myself saying.

“I was so wrong about him, or her or that situation.”

With social media added to already judgmental minds, it’s entirely possible to form an opinion on someone’s character, relationship status, faith, and overall happiness in life without knowing ANYTHING at all about their actual circumstances.

But we would rather maintain a  facade of appearing to know what’s going on rather than: A) moving on with your life, content to not have an opinion on everything, or B) Sit down with the person and find out the real situation.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an incredibly opinionated, vocal person, and while there’s nothing wrong with having a voice, it’s often done  more harm than good. It’s easy for me to offer an opinion on someone’s life or their choices or who they’re dating, but much to my chagrin and the state of my pride, most of the time, I am DEAD WRONG.

Lord, help me be a gracious woman.

To right this character flaw, I’ve been doing something, and I would encourage you to do it too. If you find yourself judging someone from their Facebook posts or thinking really negative thoughts about them, or even being really jealous of their picture perfect life, ask them to coffee.

Take a break from offering your words, and listen instead. I have been so humbled by the friends I’ve made in the last several months, many of whom I severely misjudged.  Picture perfect lives on social media are often the opposite, and people with a lot of drama tend to really be broken and hurting people. I know we all do it, but it breaks my heart to think of how many  people I have missed out on because of my silly opinions.

I’m not living that way  anymore. I’m having more coffee dates.


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