John 3:16 (The Breathtaking Beauty of the Gospel)


John 3:16 (a creative look)

For God so loved the world (me, Sarah Dasha Taylor) that he gave his only beloved son, that whoever believes and gladly runs to his arms would not perish and suffer meaningless, gray death, but he who has accepted God as his father would dwell eternally with him, walking in the shade of his presence, dwelling in the peace and ineffable joy of father God.

For this is why we were created.

And Jesus did not come to condemn us as so we fully deserve it, he came to embrace us so we could experience the same adoption he experienced as God’s son. This changes everything. No longer are we groveling our way to the outer courts, scrounging up the spare change of our lives as a pitiful offering to the father King.

We are pulled into the throne room, clothed in righteousness and wrapped in layers and layers of grace. Now we are family. We are chosen. We have a seat at the table. We are his heirs, but more than that we are his kids. Every day of every moment and every circumstance, we have access. We can approach God boldly and without hesitation because the veil has been torn, the stone table cracked clean through.

From now until eternity, we are in conversation and in relationship in the deepest most fulfilling intimacy with the God who thought of flowers and raindrops and lightning and horses and waves and mountains and canyons. The author of sex and tears and joy and passion and presence. We have an all access pass, we have his insight, his sense of humor, his friendship, his love, his guidance, his scar pierced hands to hold us up and carry us and high five us and wipe our tears away. He is truly ours and we are so very his. It’s a love story better than ink pens have been able to contrive, a joy more full than laughter can express, a piece deeper than quiet can relay.

It is why we are here. It is the reason we were created. It was for this relationship the sky was lit up with stars in the oceans filled with sparkling water. This is it. This is everything. And we have only very gently scratched the surface of the very top layer of the story. We could spend the rest of our lives digging faithfully and we would still be right on the surface digging a well that will never run dry. What a love. What a story. What a God. I am overwhelmed.


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