This Year: Not Your Average Resolutions

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a bloggy, share-worthy list of 2016 resolutions, and honestly I’m coming up short. In my attempts, I’ve learned a few things about myself –and maybe you’ll relate.

  1. Many of the things I thought of were not actually resolutions of things to do, they were emotionally charged desires to stop doing something. “I will never watch Netflix again.”  I will not eat until I lose 10 lbs.” Many of our supposed resolutions are just reflections of how much we hate our lives and how if we quit doing something, life will improve.
  2. I also noticed a weirdly social media driven tendency to make my resolutions super spiritual or transformative. I will mentor a girl until she is the next Beth Moore-PS-Like I could do that. I will read the bible and write a bible study and host it and cook for everyone every Tuesday, which leads to my final one: become a food network star and Stacy London and Beth Moore, all in 2016.

Whoooaaa..Hold your horses, Dasha..bring it in.


Resolutions and decisions to be better are great, but they become really detrimental when we  become performers on an Instagram stage where everyone can chronicle our fitness journey to a size two. They are detrimental when I turn people into projects and worse, when I turn myself into a project. I don’t need an overhaul. I don’t need to quit everything I enjoy so I can read my bible 7 hours a day–although that’s not a bad idea–don’t think I’m a heathen. We will never  life full lives by bemoaning our current state of affairs and trying to stop everything from happening to us.

Here’s what I’m saying. If we want a better year this year, if we want to start writing a better story with our lives, we need to set noble goals, things we will do, not things we won’t do. Overall ways to improve realationships, not friends to turn into agendas. And finally, we need to get far far away from this idea that everything has to be big and glamourous. Resolving to keep my  car clean is a noble goal, people.


So, in light of that, I give you my 2016 Resolutions:


  • I will write more than I have before, and I will do it even when I’m not feeling inspired and even if no one reads my blog. I will write more.
  • I will invest in people with truly unconditional love, forsaking the expectations I have placed on people for too long. I want to love people how they need to be loved, not how I want to love them. I will focus on the people God has given me and be grateful for who they are, rather than lamenting who they are not.
  • I will look for new ways to make myself a better cook and a more hospitable person.
  • I will keep  my car clean.
  • I will continue to save money, and form good budget habits.
  • I will give myself grace when I fail in any of these things.

What are your resolutions?

Share in the comments!


Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak, and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert; Waters will flow where there had been none. Isaiah 43:19


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