So I went, and I’ve come back again. My heart is full to overflowing with hope for Honduras. My time there was sweet like mangoes and deep like coffee and hard like rain.  Reunited with friends and family over tortillas and hot coffee and served together the amazing Honduran community.

Th time I spend in Honduras is my favorite time of year. Do you know what it’s like to be surrounded by love on all sides? To be encouraged and supported and challenged every minute of the day? This is what a trip  to my sweet place looks like.

Many of you have remarked on my trips, and I have to say, i’ve  taken offense as you’ve asked about my mission trip. I repent even now for this spirit of offense, but here’s why.

This is the mission trip myth….

Mission trip? That’s like asking how a charity project went when you were really just spending the day with your best friends..

Mission trip? More like family reunion with people I would literally  give my life for.

Maybe I’m the one with a messed up idea of a bunch of people in neon t shirts going to Haiti to save the world, but friends, it’s so much more than a one week trip to another country. It’s about saying yes to God and letting him break your heart for people all over the world. This is not a mission trip high that fades a week after you land. No, it changes your whole life. It redefines your idea of wealth and poverty and success and failure. It makes your world bigger and introduces you to family you didn’t know you had.

I want you all to dive into the world of overseas travel and find out what a mission trip really is.

It’s not just one week a year. It’s a whole life surrendered. Send me, I’ll go…

It seems kind of silly this terminology would offend me so much, but I think I know why it does.

It breaks my heart that people automatically assume the only  reason I would visit this beautiful country is because I was helping the poor. It breaks my heart that people scoff at the very concept that someone would come to the USA on a mission trip.

I want you to know a few things:

You need to go somewhere far away from your home. You need to make friends in other nations. You need to join your heart and your church with what God is doing in another part of the world. I would love for that to be Honduras, but you ask God where you should go. 

This is not about “giving back” or fulfilling a service requirement or anything like that. This is about living, truly living, and being obedient to God’s voice.

I want you to know that people are people everywhere, and poverty  doesn’t define us just like wealth doesn’t.

I want you to be in a little church with two light bulbs singing songs in  other languages, knowing this is what heaven has got to feel like.

I want you to know safety is an illusion, and your desire to stay here for fear of danger is robbing you of the best days of your life.

I want you to know my best friends in all the world live in Honduras and their country is full of promise and hope and people who are hungry for Jesus. It is my deep privilege to know them and be a voice for their cause. 

I want you to know going to Honduras is not like going on a mission trip. It’s like  going home.

And  finally, I want you to go. 🙂


15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.



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